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Path Forward

Kizer Energy is aware of the importance of our human resources. This is key to Kizer Energy's history and critical to our future success. Further investments are underway in our online recruitment system to strengthen international HR capabilities. Our core team of technology experts is working with our HR department to develop a mentoring program for college students and recent graduates to build our resource base for future projects.


Project Staffing Support (PSS)

Kizer Energy Project Staffing Support (PSS) is a service unit oriented to comply with our clients’ increasing demand for top talent professionals to pursue their oil & gas high profile projects. Our management staff has extensive experience in this industry to allow us to assemble a project team of oilfield consultants with diverse technical expertise and backgrounds to support different project implementations from Exploration Development to Upstream and Downstream Commissioning and Start up.

Areas of Support

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Competency Assessment — Technical & Psychological Evaluation
  • Placement
  • Mobilization and Demobilization Logistics
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Training

Tools to meet our clients’ critical staffing needs

  • On line recruitment system and job posting opportunities
  • Over 5,000-candidates database (KETP)
  • Worldwide network of experienced and competent consultants
  • Strategic alliances with international recruitment specialists