Post-Startup Mentoring & Support

Post Startup Mentoring and SupportKizer Energy provides on-going support to our clients after startup to assure that operations reach stabilization and that all training, safety, and asset management systems are fully implemented and integrated into the owner's team.

Our services may start as early as during the fabrication yard pre-commissioning and continue until the operating plant production is stable. 

  • Support Performance Testing and Stabilization of Facilities​

  • Ensures all Operating, Maintenance, Training, Safety and Asset Management Systems are fully implemented and integrated​

  • Support final stages implementation and integration:​

    • On-The-Job Training/Mentoring & Competency Assurance ​

    • CMMS and Maintenance Management Systems implementation and integration​

    • Operational and Process Optimization​

    • Safety Management System​

    • Supply Chain, Inventory/Spare Parts/Warehousing​

  • Lessons Learned from the facility from Mechanical Completions to Stable Operations – and application of Lessons to the facility and future projects​

  • O&M Procedures Post Startup Audits & Revisions